So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Dear friends and customers,

It is with heavy hearts that my co-founder and I share that Basqet will be shutting down the service. We apologize to those of you who relied on Basqet for their groceries, and to our extended family – the farmers and artisanal vendors – for how this will impact them.

Fresh food delivery has a bright future and I’m proud of the work we have done at Basqet. Food is one of the foundations of society and I believe strongly that it must become more sustainable, ethical and accessible.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us over the past few years. Your thoughtful feedback and words of encouragement have made this journey all the more worthwhile.

As for me, my primary goal for the coming years will be to continue pursuing my goal of personalizing nutrition and health for everyone through Gini Health.

Thank you for everything,